Turbine Torture Around The World


Working from home today so no turbine spotting. Tomorrow I’m off to Mansfield, with a lot of turbines en route. I’d love to delve deep into the planning history of all of them, and over time I will, but for the purposes of tomorrow’s blog I’ll just focus on the ones that have a noticeable impact on my cognitive processes.

Today’s entry is a snapshot of the different wind battles being fought around the world, and a welcome chance to repudiate one of the common insults hurled at wind protestors. Namely, that we are all selfish NIMBYs (Not In My Back Yard)! In fact, when it comes to wind turbines, I am more of a BANANA – Build Absolutely None Anywhere Near Anyone. Quite frankly, if the Green Party had more Bananas and fewer Watermelons, we might not have this problem in the first place.

My local turbine is 9 miles away, over on the other side of Leeds. I knew nobody in Rochdale when I first started my Crook Hill Eco Disaster photoblog, although I got to meet several wonderful people along the way, all lovely, civilised, hard-working members of the community struggling to fight off the onslaught from all sides by avaricious wind developers. Far from being NIMBYs, most activists view this as a global issue, and are just as motivated to remove wind blight from beautiful landscapes thousands of miles away as in their own backyard.

I also know several people who voted UKIP specifically because they considered UKIP’s energy policy to be the most sustainable. The ludicrously wide-of-the-mark assumptions that are made about these voters (many of whom switched to the Conservatives, some even Labour, at the last election) totally misunderstand what drives them to vote this way. I can tell you, it has NOTHING to do with race, maybe a bit to do with immigration (a cross-party issue, with just as many “Old Labour” voters wanting tougher immigration policy as UKIP voters), but everything to do with environmentalism. These UKIP voters absolutely do not have a Little Englander mentality, indeed they have links with different groups all around the world, sharing common experiences and lending support to stand up to the globalist wind bullies, no matter which country they are desecrating. I would even go so far as to suggest many UKIP voters care more about protecting the German and French countryside than their Labour or Conservative counterparts!

I’m not a UKIP voter, but I have something called empathy, and having opened my mind and engaged with many UKIP voters, I totally get it, even if my preferred approach is to shift the Overton Window within the other parties towards a more sensible energy policy. The Tories talk the talk, and to be fair are now starting to walk the walk, but does anyone (even small-c conservatives) TRUST the Tories, as an organisation? Will they just say what their voters want to hear, but then do nothing tangible to remove the problem? Rejecting the Scout Moor expansion was a promising sign, so I’m happy to give them the benefit of the doubt, for now, at least on this issue, but I’ll be watching like a hawk to check there’s no chicanery or playing with words. Be afraid of what we’re capable of, Mr Gove, but get it right and we’ll support you all the way.

The simple truth is that the man who penned the rejection documents for the Scout Moor expansion, Mr Sajid Javid, is a hero to all Wind Warriors, for his wise and considerate decision not to allow any further eco-destruction of the moors north of Manchester. If you’re a true friend of British soil, nobody cares about your skin colour or religious upbringing – we just want politicians who’ll use their authority on behalf of this green and pleasant land, and if it takes a man of Pakistani heritage to stand up for the environment more effectively than any Caucasian politician, then he’ll be backed 100%.

Here’s another thesis for you, a daring one maybe, but let me suggest it and see what you think: it maybe that ACTUAL racism is being triggered in some places by wind turbines. “They’re coming over here….they’re taking over our country….they’re destroying our culture…” Might it be possible that certain people are inadvertently experiencing psychological transference? SOMETHING is making them feel under threat, attacking their amygdala, but the idea that the root cause might in fact be infrasonic frequencies from wind turbines is so outside the Overton Window, it never even crosses anybody’s mind. Except mine.

And it’s not just racism that might be exacerbated, but a general feeling of anxiety, pressure, threat and foreboding that could manifest itself in street violence, domestic abuse and other antisocial behaviour. Once again, wind turbines on their own would be a very difficult culprit to pin the blame on (not impossible, were government to take this thesis seriously and at least test it scientifically), but if you look at a map, you’ll see a very clear correlation between wind blight and votes for the more “xenophobic” parties. People even sometimes ask how come areas with low immigration have such strongly anti-immigration attitudes. Maybe, just maybe, it’s the wind turbines rather than the immigrants making them feel this way?! It’s just another thesis, one of many…

Well, now you realise that we are not all reactionary, racist NIMBYs – in fact we have a global consciousness built upon sharing information and experiences from around the whole world, discriminating against people not on race, gender or sexuality but solely on the harm they cause to nature – it’s time to share with you some links from A Day In The Life of my news feed…

Australia: https://stopthesethings.com/2017/09/15/australias-massive-power-price-hike-caused-by-intermittent-wind-solar/

Canada: http://ontario-wind-resistance.org/2017/09/17/lawyer-alan-whiteley-ontarios-electricity-ponzi-scheme/

USA: https://wattsupwiththat.com/2017/09/17/another-climate-scam-money-intended-for-climate-goes-to-union-boost/

Germany: https://www.strom-magazin.de/strommarkt/orkantief-sebastian-stellt-stromnetz-auf-die-probe_209934.html

France: https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=785597698309711&id=100005784639575

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