Worldwide Wind Scams – Daily Update


So many items in my news feed today. With every day it seems we are gaining momentum, the wind inexorably changing in our favour. It’s been a long time coming, but I’m pretty convinced something’s changed over the last few months. I think the Scout Moor Wind Farm expansion was a symbolic moment, in that it’s the first time that I can remember a local authority approved a wind farm, only for the government to overrule it and reject all but one poor, solitary wind turbine (which is basically useless on its own, so it’s like saying “Well I’ve eaten all the sweets, but hey you can have the wrapper!”)

Now hold on, you may be thinking. The government overruled the community? Isn’t that pure Watermelon? Haven’t you been droning on about communities having the final say? Yes, I have. And had Rossendale Council truly and accurately reflected the grass roots will of the community, almost a thousand of whom signed a GENUINE petition, not an astroturf one, against the wind farm extension, I might have agreed. But there was something very, very off about the Council’s approval. See the local paper cuttings below to get a glimpse of the financial black hole Rossendale has found itself in, following major financial irregularities. They were basically relying on the business rates from the wind farm, operated by the infamous Peel Energy group (registered at the same address as Peel Oil & Gas, would-be fracking company!)

It’s not like they really need any more turbines in the fells above Rossendale. There’s already the existing Scout Moor array, which has collectively harmed the mental health and wellbeing of millions of residents of Greater Manchester and South Lancashire. There’s the disgusting Hyndburn Wind Farm, which needs razing to the ground. There’s Hameldon Hill. There’s Scar End. There’s Coal Clough. There’s Todmorden. There’s Reaps Moss. And then there’s Crook Hill. Plus there’s far too many oversized single turbines looming over the towns of Rawtenstall and Bacup. I make that about 80 industrial wind turbines and a few dozen singletons within a radius of 5-10 miles. I know, because I monitor them constantly, keeping them under close surveillance to check for any monkey business. And Peel are upset they couldn’t add 20 more?

If the turbine-infected state of Rossendale’s countryside resembled the virus-ridden state of a hard drive, you’d lock down the computer, delete all the contents immediately, wipe it totally clean, zero all data, reformat it and patch it with the most stringent security protection available to man, to ensure you are never again struck by such lethal Trojans, the type of virus that nukes your computer by telling you just how much you need it to protect you from other (non-existent) viruses!

When a man from a wind company calls your council and tells you there’s a problem with your ecosystem, treat it exactly the same way you’d treat a man with an Eastern European accent, claiming to work for Microsoft, saying he needs to take control of your computer.

Don’t believe me? Follow the links and do your own research!

Just before handing over to the international news desk, I’ll add a couple more paragraphs about the Banana/Watermelon – local/global – internal/external locus of control duality. Now I’ve articulated it, my very own hypothesis which I’ve formulated and shared with you in real time (“showing my working” by illustrating some of my real-life experiences that provided the empirical evidence to work with), it’s time to look at what’s going on in the headlines and see if my theory stacks up.

If there’s one defining characteristic of the Banana mindset, it’s that we err on the side of caution when it comes to changing anything: “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” Building Absolutely Nothing Anywhere Near Anyone is our central thesis, because zero building equals zero eco-destruction and zero carbon footprint. The very act of building itself is the antithesis to our worldview. However, in reality of course we need houses, we need roads, we need hospitals, we need schools, we need power stations and communication infrastructure….there’s an awful lot we actually need to build. even though it’d be better for the environment not to. Our synthesis is therefore as little building as humanly possible, just the bare minimum to fulfil our essential needs. I might add that the most efficient computer networks are essentially Banana in principle – if it’s not strictly necessary, then it shouldn’t be part of the “build” (we even call our operating systems that, and we generally want them as tight and lean as possible).

The Banana Method is to live your life, do your thing, have fun, follow your own path, enjoy the world as it is. Only whenever something blocks the flow (cognitive dissonance) is it necessary to stop, assess the nature of the blockage (critical thinking) and come up with a possible explanation (a thesis). Test it out: if it doesn’t help, try the opposite (the antithesis), and see if that gets you anywhere nearer to unblocking the flow. If not then grade and refine your thesis and antithesis until you end up with an explanation somewhere halfway between the two, or maybe nearer one but taking into account the valid points of the other (your synthesis).

When it comes to wind turbines, my thesis is that they severely get on my wick, possibly affecting me in more serious ways, and that building them is generally bad for the environment. The antithesis is that there’s nothing wrong with the lovely turbines, we should build even more of them, and lunatic freaks like me should just shut up and stop accelerating Climageddon with our dangerously backward attachment to something as nebulous and unscientific as a “landscape”. I ask you, dear reader, to test the thesis and antithesis above, and to formulate your own synthesis…

My follow-up thesis is that those who oppose wind farms generally have an internal locus of control, formulating their opinions first and foremost from personal experiences of eco-destruction, which prompts them to research and learn more about the worldwide wind scam. The logical outcome is a global network of grass roots activist campaigns that each work from the bottom up, with a few small victories that are used as springboards for further victories, culminating in new precedents being set, new laws being created to curb issues that have only come to light through personal experience (eg infrasonic noise pollution, shadow flicker, water poisoning, dead whales etc).

Ultimately this thesis concludes with wind scammers facing justice and being held accountable for their crimes, with long jail sentences for those who refuse to comply with the new laws that will come into force prohibiting the ownership of any permanently-based wind electricity generators (small portable ones are fine, if their owners pack them up when they’re done using them).

The antithesis to the above is the Watermelon view, very kindly articulated in my previous entry by the Friends of the Earth, that climate change is a global issue that requires a supranational, top-down, technically-based approach. Even now, I’m crediting the Watermelon position with a level of intelligence and integrity that fellow Wind Warriors may not think it deserves. I’m crediting Watermelons with just as much good intention and intellectual prowess as us Cool Bananas. The only difference is that they have an external locus of control, their instinct is to defer to the experts, which I’m not saying is a bad trait (sometimes it is the right thing to do). But it does have its drawbacks.

You know when you get a new gadget, what’s your first impulse? To play with it, to figure out how it works on your own, and to only refer to the manual if you can’t work out how to do something? You must be a Banana! Or are you the type to follow the manual; you don’t want to risk breaking anything, so best just trust the guys who made it and follow their instructions step-by-step? You must be a Watermelon!

In general I’d say we start off in life more Watermelon and end up more Banana. It even ties in with Maslow to a certain extent – self-actualised people who have managed to fulfil all their needs will clearly have a more internal locus of control than those lower down the Hierarchy, still struggling to satisfy their basic needs, still in need of assistance from higher authorities. What this leads me to believe is that, behind every Watermelon, there has to be a chain that eventually links to a Banana! And this is why, ultimately, being a Banana is the winning hand (in my opinion). Ceding your control to an outside party only means giving it to someone who has an internal locus of control, and more often than not what they really want won’t be in your best interests.

(Of course, I might be being over-cynical, and maybe the wind energy “experts” really do have our best interests at heart. I keep asking them to reassure me that this is the case. Look out for the upcoming entry that will detail my long, protracted intellectual battle with the Planning Inspectorate!)

What upsets me most is the intellectual dishonesty of those “Kingpin” Bananas who willingly deceive millions of well-intentioned Watermelons into ceding their control. And they ARE Bananas-gone-rogue, these who capitalise on the wind scam, because they never have to suffer the consequences of their actions, They, not us, are the real NIMBYs! Get this, from “Lord Of The Manor Of Rochdale” (seriously!) Jeremy Dearden, speaking from his New Zealand home 11,500 miles away as he allowed eleven industrial turbines to be erected on Open Access Common Land in the South Pennines: “I have a pretty big view from my place here, and I don’t know that I’d like to see a lot of windmills.” And he has the chutzpah to call the “commoners” of Rochdale NIMBYs!

At the very core of every wind energy scheme lies a Banana-In-Disguise, who knows full well just how horrible the eco-destruction they are wreaking on the world really is. That’s why they go to such lengths to cover it up. That’s why they never respond like you or I would do to such damning accusations: humble, apologetic, remorseful, utterly horrified at how our well-meaning actions could cause such upset to so many people, and placing top priority on putting things right. That’s what an honest Banana would do, when they realise how badly they’ve screwed up. But these dishonest Bananas, they know exactly what they’re doing to the planet, and deep down they hate themselves for it.

My third thesis is that the internal/external locus of control transcends old-fashioned party lines, and is now the dominant factor in the culture wars. Looking across the Pond, I see two Bananas from totally opposite ends of the political spectrum – Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders – between them outflanking the Queen of Watermelonism, Mrs Hillary Clinton, with their sometimes interchangeable diatribes against a broken system run into the ground by shadowy global elites. Hillary, of course, is a walking, talking external locus of control, to the point where this trait probably mortally wounded her campaign. Vote Hillary, get…who exactly??? Her book, “What Happened?” proves the point emphatically! She seems to have refused point blank to have taken control of her election failure. Oh it wasn’t her fault – it was the Russians. And the CIA. And Obama. And the Deplorables. And the Bernie Bros. Everyone but her.

Even Tony Blair’s approach to politics can be seen as having been defined by an external locus of control. What was the most common criticism of Tony Blair? That he had no core values, no internal locus of control. Bush’s poodle. Murdoch’s poodle. Merkel’s poodle. The bankers’ poodle. The British public soon got the impression that a vote for Blair was a vote for someone else behind the scenes. Ed Miliband merely continued along the same path. Only Jeremy Corbyn has promised to “give back control” to the Labour party members, for better or worse.

Many Tories felt exactly the same under pro-EU Cameron, hence the rise of UKIP. As I said in the previous entry, I believe Theresa May is learning fast about the new realignment that has taken place, encapsulated so succinctly by the Brexit vote. It really has shone a spotlight on just how strongly Britain wishes to retain its internal locus of control.

The more I think about it and analyse it, the more I see in common between Trump and Sanders, Farage and Corbyn, versus Clinton and Bush, Blair and Cameron. Theresa May is somewhere in the middle, but moving in the right direction.

Certainly when it comes to understanding and defeating the core problem that inflicted wind turbines on us, the old left-right alignment seems unfit for purpose, a relic of a bygone, more simple era in which it was only the right that wanted to keep the plebs away from the moors, and only the left that wanted to protect them for everyone. How times change!

My loyalties lie with the localists of both the left and the right, people with an internal locus of control who agree that local communities should have the final say in what happens to the landscapes they know best. Even as an ardent Wind Warrior, if it was clear to me that the population of a community honestly and fairly wanted a wind farm, I would grudgingly respect their opinion, even though I’d do my darnedest to persuade them of the foolhardiness of their decision! Honesty, integrity and transparency go a long way, and maybe that’s why people get really angry when a wind developer is seen to be trying to cheat, to game the system; as they did at Gorpley, the very first wind farm application I witnessed for myself. First impressions last!

With all this in mind, it’s fascinating to cast our eyes over this latest piece of news, and to evaluate the reactions of the individuals involved.

Read it? OK, so what do you think of everyone’s reasons for supporting and rejecting the wind farm? Which ones have given an “internal” reason for their decision, and which ones have given an “external” reason? How many of the councillors give “eco” reasons for their decision, and how many give financial reasons? Are there any opinions that you might disagree with, but respect as a valid opposing point of view? How would you go about trying to change each of the councillors’ minds? Do you see any correlation between party and vote? Is there a left-wing or right-wing dimension to whether people support or oppose the wind farm?

Make your own minds up. Do some research into each of the councillors. Find out about them as people! Do they strike you as essentially Bananas or Watermelons?

I won’t even begin to talk about the locus of control for Northern Ireland as a country…suffice to say it’s been a psychological issue that has troubled the collective psyche for hundreds of years. I just find it interesting that the spectre of this horrendous wind farm in the beautiful Mourne Mountains seems to have split the politicians into surprising alliances, not strictly partly-aligned.

My final observation is that the crucial deciding vote against the wind farm is a sign of the times, nay an indication of the direction the wind is now blowing. Who knows, but I suspect a year or two ago that deciding vote might have swung the other way? I can’t imagine many wind farms received a unanimous majority, I suspect most of those that did get approved barely scraped their way over the finishing line, with only the slenderest mathematical level of support. It feels good now that the boot is on the other foot!

Finally, more wind horrors from JUST ONE DAY of news.

This will no doubt be dismissed by some as “fake news” from the “Daily Fail”… don’t shoot the messenger! Read the article, separate fact from fiction and do your own research.

Twenty million reasons why Rossendale Council wanted to destroy even more of the Pennines:


Behind every Watermelon lies a Dishonest Banana, someone who knows only too well how toxic wind farms are, but doesn’t care as long as they get paid for it! Their ill-gotten gains can be put to best use by forcing them to remove all traces of their unwanted junk from the moors, at their own expense.








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