Kirklees & Craven Councils – Sh*tting On Their Own Doorsteps!


The more I think about it, the more I’m troubled by The Guardian deleting my comments, and their total lack of response to my email.

Just stop and think through what has transpired:

In the comments section below an article about the impact of wind turbines, The Guardian secretly deleted three links to scientific research proving their harmful effects.

These links ARE the news, for crying out loud, not the inane drivel churned out by the Grauniad’s fourth-division partisan hacks! And I have better subbing skills, to boot. Whoever deleted my comments must have a very dark heart indeed. Whoever has read my email and failed to respond must too have a very dubious set of ethics (why give out the Reader’s Editor’s email address if you’re not going to reply to messages from readers?).

What a nasty bunch of people at The Guardian, a total disgrace to the noble profession of journalism. It takes a special kind of twisted misanthropy to promote the use of wind turbines whilst deliberately covering up the scientific evidence that they increase incidences of suicide. Here’s that evidence again, no apologies for repeating it over and over:

THAT is the real news!

Luckily, nature is on hand to restore some balance to the distorted techno-bubble in which these Guardian columnists reside. And guess what, it appears as if nature has struck again! I could not believe my eyes when I spotted a couple of workers in high-vis jackets astride the nacelle of one of the dreaded Scammonden Three I’ve contacted Kirklees Council about. As I say in the following video, nobody climbs a turbine for fun, so the chances are there’s some fault or other. That said, I can’t rule out routine maintenance (maybe even as a direct result of my drawing the risks of the turbine to the attention of the council).

Here are the planning documents for the Scammonden Three. Clear as mud, aren’t they?!

These documents reveal that the person behind the turbines is none other than my nemesis Matthew Titmarsh (sorry Tidmarsh), head honcho of turbine manufacturers DC21 – is that as in Agenda 21? I’ve bantered with Matthew before, he knows me and my work, and he knows I’m out to close down his business. That’s his van and his handiwork in my avatar photo… my facial expression says it all.

I suspect, deep down, Matthew might even grudgingly respect me, the way Columbo villains grudgingly respect the Lieutenant’s tenacity and sleuthing skills!


One thing’s for sure: two of the turbines I’ve had under close surveillance have mysteriously stopped working since I started blogging about them. Spooky! Check out my video “Toxic Turbines In Scammonden”. What powers have I unleashed??? Is the downtime of these toxic turbines factored into the capacity claims of the manufacturers, one wonders?

I’ve not yet got round to debunking this classic trope of turbine fraud. It’s along the lines of broadband sales-pitch: the total “capacity” is normally quoted, as in: “The new wind farm has the capacity to power 5,000 homes”. What this really means is that, working at top speed, without a break, from the very moment they are erected until the very moment they are taken down, if the wind blew constantly (but not too hard), the turbines could potentially generate a certain amount of power. How this relates to homes isn’t clear.

What happens to the actual generated output when the wind stops, however, or when the men in high-vis jackets have to switch off the turbine in order to prevent its blades flying off?

A more useful figure is the “capacity factor”, which unsurprisingly is rarely quoted. The capacity factor is the percentage of the total capacity actually achievable, and get this, you rarely find a capacity factor of more than 30% of the total capacity. Scout Moor’s is 27%, so instantly our 5,000 homes powered by wind turbines is down to around 1,300. Or, if you prefer, the 5,000 homes being powered for barely 100 a days of the year, with nobody knowing in advance exactly which days those will be!

Each of you reading has the capacity to win a million pounds on the Lottery. Try asking the bank manager for a loan based on this capacity alone! I have the capacity to date a different supermodel every night. I have the capacity to rob a bank or jump off a cliff. I certainly have the capacity to spend the rest of my life bombing wind turbines!

What really counts is the ACTUAL ACHIEVED PERFORMANCE, under real-life conditions. (When it comes to destroying turbines, needless to say, my capacity factor is limited to words, not explosives!)

Looking at the falling-apart wind infrastructure around Scammonden, the capacity factor of each faulty turbine is currently ZERO!

I’ve a new council to pick a bone with. Craven Council, watch your inbox for some Freedom of Information requests relating to the horrific turbine at Sandford Farm. Reading through the article below, I see yet again it’s a struggling business relying on the turbine to survive. How??? I would dearly love to know how the turbine actually makes money for the farm. How well has it performed? How much less CO2 is there in the atmosphere since the imposition of this ghastly turbine upon the Dales?

Where are the stats, goddammit?

And what, pray tell, was turning the blades at the time I caught the turbine spinning rapidly in very light winds?

Maybe if we didn’t allow the supermarket chains like Tesco to greenwash their way to profit, smaller businesses like Sandford Farm wouldn’t need turbine subsidies to survive!

It’s not just the Sandford Farm turbine that has got my gander up, it’s the dozens of inappropriate turbines dotted around the countryside south of Skipton. The whole area between Addingham, Crosshills, Cowling and Earby has been transformed from rolling green hills into a revolting, industrialised toilet. Yet again the wind turbines make the area look tired, degraded, deprived, shabby and second-rate.

Whatever electricity is generated by wind turbines is merely energy transferred away from nature, humanity and the Earth.

Yet again we’ve found a way of de-energising the planet for money. This latest scam goes by the name of “clean, green energy”. Clean as in laundered money; Green as in dollar bills. 

What a sick joke.

How to game the system… it’s all here in DC21’s website. “Turn the wind on your land into REVENUE”.

Fetch the suitcase from the van, Rodney…

Series 4

EDIT: Yet again I wonder if I’m coming across as too harsh and sarcastic. It’s just about punchy prose that gives people a bit of a jolt. I mentioned capacity factors; well on the afternoon of 15th November 2017, the capacity factor of every single wind turbine I spotted, from Knostrop, Leeds to Tow Law, County Durham (visible from 20 miles away!) was a big fat ZERO. Check the stats, if you can, but not a single wind turbine for a good hundred miles was spinning yesterday afternoon. Not a single home in the North East was powered by the wind. Not even enough power to bake a stottie!

EDIT 2: Some late news updates. Firstly, a massive thank-you to one of my very favourite websites, Australia’s Stop These Things, who have linked to one of my posts. “STT welcomes Britain’s Peak Protection Force”, they write. In return, STT are given a very warm welcome here! Feel free to add to the discourse any time 🙂

I’ve also had contact from Greece, yet again proving that defeating the wind scam is a global process; however rather than being top-down or with an external locus of control, it’s a grass roots network of independently-minded localists each drawing upon their own experiences, and using shared truths to bring on board fellow travellers. I’ve been forwarded this link, which is well worth a read.

This is a very entertaining read that’ll make you laugh AND think!

More truths that probably won’t make their way into The Guardian. Germany’s CO2 emissions continue to climb, despite having led the way (into the abyss, some might say) with the rollout of massive wind energy projects.


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