Trump Derangement Syndrome: Advice From A Fellow TDS Victim

Donald Trump, Vladimir Putin

Dear TDS Victims,

I’m on your side.

I know exactly what it feels like. The very thought of how on earth it came to this makes you shudder and wince: this monstrous, overwhelming and overbearing presence, dominating and devastating everything you once held dear; displaying no obvious sense of compassion, no empathy, no class, and less grace than an ostrich let loose in a One Stop…

How anyone in their right mind could be a fan of this blight upon humanity eludes you… they must be stupid, gullible, brainwashed or just plain nasty people to support such an obviously divisive, offensive manifestation of politics, right?

Every news story, meme or monologue you come across seems to reinforce your negative opinions about this grotesque scam, which only makes you more and more incandescent with rage that such a travesty could have been allowed to happen.

All in all, it just makes you feel so MAD!

I get it. I feel your pain. I really do.

The good news is: you can help yourself!

By understanding TDS – in my case, the T stands for Turbine, but it applies equally to all other Derangement Syndromes – you can really get under the hood of your own negative feelings and make some positive changes. By applying some critical thinking, you can begin to understand that things aren’t always as clear-cut as they first seem, with at least two sides to every story; and from that more balanced perspective, you can start to hone and focus your rage into a more constructive and useful emotion.

(As I’ve said before, what a shame we cannot harness anger and turn it into electricity… TDS could fulfill well over 50% of our daily power needs!)

First and foremost, Trump Derangement Syndrome sufferers, understand that your mental chemistry has literally been changed by the presence of this man and his impact on your life. Maybe we all do this to each other, maybe we all have the power to recircuit people’s brain chemistry. Everyone we ever meet adds to our knowledge base, our memories, our subconscious understanding of the world.

Some people have so much power that they can reroute millions of people’s neurological pathways without even having met them. Mr Trump is one such person! Since his election as President of the United States in 2016, the collective consciousness of the whole world has been totally rewired.

Of course, whilst many of us were only too ready and willing for this psychological transformation, or at least well-prepared for it, many of us were not. To those of us who predicted a Trump victory (regardless of how we would have voted ourselves), external reality resonates with our own perceptions of the world, which is a fundamental of good mental health. When our perceptions are starkly contradicted by external reality, however, and the man who has zero chance of winning “mathemathically” ends up winning mathematically, then that’s a surefire recipe for trauma and confusion.

All you TDS Victims have thus had a nightmare two years, and basic human compassion means that even the most ardent Trump fans should acknowledge the very real psychological strain you have all been under. I’ve always said that the wind developers should acknowledge the stresses they’ve caused by imposing their twisted blades on people against their will, and by the same token it’s only right to acknowledge just how tough it has been for those whose mental health has been adversely affected by Trump’s own brutal aesthetics.

If Trump drives you mad, I’m genuinely sympathetic because I understand exactly what he’s done to your psychological state. Wind turbines do the same to me. I’m here to help.

Once you understand that you now have altered brain chemistry as a direct result of Trump, you should realise that the fundamental emotion behind your TDS is in fact FEAR. Fear of death, ultimately, fear of being de-energised, of having the very life force sucked out of you. Those of you most genuinely affected by Mr Trump are probably those whose worldview, identity, self-esteem or even basic human survival is threatened by what he represents.

What you experience every time you are exposed to Trump is an “amygdala hijack”, the brain’s response to fear. I’ve discussed amygdala hijacks before, and having spent so much time over the last few years deliberately exposing my amygdala to the “fear” stimuli of wind turbines, so I can analyse the results, I am by now pretty damn good at recognising the cognitive and physiological processes behind an amygdala hijack, and working out how this negative, de-energising sensation can be harnessed and turned into a force for good (just like the wind, ahem).

Trump Derangement Syndrome basically means that exposure to “The Donald” gives you an amygdala hijack every time you see him, hear him or come across any mention of him. You might not consciously think you’re scared of Trump, but the vehemency of your reactions would imply otherwise. With good reason, you might argue, should you feel under specific threat from his policies.

In the name of research, I merely ask you to analyse your own psychological reactions to the the photo at the top of the page. Here it is again. Remember, we’re doing this to help YOU understand what’s going on in YOUR mind and to help you turn any negatives into positives. So take a long, hard look into his soul…

OK… 3, 2, 1… go!

Donald Trump, Vladimir Putin

How many of you suddenly feel the following symptoms:

Sudden feelings of aggression

Rush of blood to the muscles


Pounding heart

Rapid breathing

Aching chest

If the photo triggers any of these physiological reactions, then it’s probably an amygdala hijack taking place, a perfectly natural animal reaction to a “perceived” threat. Yes I use those quotes deliberately, because the amygdala is notorious for getting real and perceived threats mixed up. Not that the reaction isn’t real, but the link between stimulus and reaction may well be out-of-proportion to the actual threat. I have to remind myself to do this with wind turbines.

Bear with me, while I now deliberately give my own amygdala something to get worked up about… the following photo affects me in exactly the same was as the above photo affects those of you who are still frothing at the mouth.


(Ooh look, it says “Daily Mail” in the bottom left corner. I wonder if those two words trigger another hijack in some people!)

The amygdala is in fact a cluster of nuclei located towards the base of the brain, and it plays a vital role in our survival. When people talk about intuition or instinct, or “having a bad feeling about something”, it’s more likely they’re referring to their amygdala starting to go into overdrive; the pre-rational, animal part of our minds that is just as important in our decision-making as the purely logical element.

When aroused into a state of fear, the amygdala can block off the pathway to logical analysis in an instant – either by creating a “flight” response (intuition telling us to run a bloody mile) or alternatively by creating a “fight” response (intuition telling us this is a fight we can in fact win through strength alone, without the recourse for logic!)

Something about both Trump and Turbines gets many people’s amygdalae working overtime, in most cases either/or, but maybe there are some poor people who get triggered by both Trump AND Turbines, in which case they may have to relocate to Mars to escape. Maybe there are some lucky people who are triggered by neither!

What causes the amygdala to spazz out in fear (well, to release an adrenal chemical called epinephrine) is related more to memory than logic, hence people with bad experiences will naturally relate any new danger to what has occurred in the past, occasionally seeing threats where none exist, solely because they are so used to bad things happening. Perfectly understandable!

When people see Trump and get bad vibes, what’s going on is a connection is being formed by their amygdala, with Trump reminding them of something bad. Similarly, wind turbines fit a pattern in my own mind which connects their presence to some kind of remembered negativity.

Vitally though, we must remember that the amygdala on its own can be, and indeed often is WRONG! And again, I stress, that’s not to say that the bad sensations are invalid, but that they might well be based on an outdated pattern or missing information of some sort. This is the specific journey this blog has taken me on with wind turbines, and therefore that’s a major piece of advice I can give Trump Derangement Syndrome sufferers:

Your feelings are valid, but the cause of them may not be what you think it is. I know that wind turbines give me cognitive dissonance (the technical name for “bad vibes”, that initial sense that something is not quite as it should be), which can in certain circumstances escalate into a full-blown amygdala hijack. What I’ve been trying to understand is what it is specifically about the turbines that triggers this reaction?

To reach the answer, I have to apply critical thinking and logical deduction (aka Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) in order to forensically challenge my own feelings. Some people really have a problem with this, and can literally go no further with their thinking than their basic, instinctive, primal emotions. This is particularly an issue with Trump Derangement Syndrome.

Now if you don’t want to be mired in hatred, anger and stress, then you really need to move your thoughts forward beyond the state of fear. It’s only when your amygdala guard dogs have piped down and are back in their kennels that the neural pathways to your neocortex become available again, from which the actual higher processing functions of your brain can now take place.

It’s very, very hard when you feel under attack, but this is exactly why unspoilt natural landscapes are so important, to give us somewhere where our thoughts are afforded breathing space.

This is why wind farms are bad for mental health – they damage our places of healing equilibrium, and they increase the amount of landscapes that trigger fear reactions.

Many of you suffering Trump Derangement Syndrome will have forgotten what it feels like to have your amygdala on holiday and your neocortex running the show. It’s been two long years of continuous bombardment by the Trump train coming round and round the tracks, and I can empathise. Imagine how I’d be feeling right now, had the government not effectively stopped any new wind blight from screwing up the English countryside; I’d possibly be in very, very bad mental health by now, if every week I found a new threat of wind blight I was required to fight against, a new moor or mountain under the Sword of Damocles from speculative wind developers.

In order to transform your fear-based emotions into something more positive, the trick is to find a way of sneaking your negativity past your amygdala and out onto the sunlit plains of your neocortex, where you can take a step back and see things more through the prism of nature. In fact, this is the basic recipe for happiness IMO: better out than in! Get it out of your mind and into the world – whether via writing, speaking, singing or making movies!

(The irony is, of course, is that the more outwardly violent and aggressive the placards and slogans against Trump, and the more people are free to express their negative emotions towards him, the less he is acting like the totalitarian fascist dictator the very same protestors accuse him of being! But because the insults and name-calling originate from people’s pre-rational amygdalae rather than their higher thinking neocortexes, they rarely lead anywhere near logical dialectic.)

Ask someone for a discussion about how President Trump is performing, regardless of their personal opinion. Ask them to apply an objective SWOT Analysis to his first couple of years. If they are able to have a cogent, calm and sensible conversation about Trump’s performance, using critical thinking to evaluate his strengths and weaknesses – even if they’re not personally a huge fan – then at least you know you are dealing with someone whose mind is no longer under the control of their rabid amygdala. Whereas if they start to swear and shout, losing all sense of proportion, and literally cannot give you a sane and adult response, then you know that their thinking hasn’t quite gone on the complete journey yet, and their amygdala is still responding in fear to a perceived threat from Mr Trump.

A friend of mine who the other day called Trump a “Ginger wankmaggot” didn’t even notice my ashen-faced disgust at this dehumanising, demeaning, real-life instance of Hate Speech, so consumed was he by his anti-Trump amygdala hijack. I don’t really think badly of my friend for his misjudged outburst, because he clearly wasn’t thinking straight. It was effectively a panic attack, dressed up as a witticism.

When you see this sort of thing happen in real-time, you immediately recognise that what’s going on with TDS is the same type of psychological warfare that I maintain wind turbines waged on rural communities – THE DELIBERATE IMPOSITION OF BRUTAL AESTHETICS AS A “FUCK YOU” TO ONE’S POLITICAL ADVERSARIES.

Now, if it’s morally wrong for wind developers to do this to country dwellers, then how can it be right for countryfolk to inflict their tough-talkin’ “redneck” aesthetics on sensitive metropolitan souls?

Well, here’s the answer. You see, both sides claim to have democracy on their side, and indeed they both have a point. Turbines and Trump were both INVITED IN. This is the absolutely pivotal lesson in how to change the world: you need to accept that the things you oppose exist for a reason, and you need to know and understand that reason like the back of your hand. It’s usually because someone or something else failed to fulfill our needs, which is why whatever it is that triggers us gets introduced in the first place.

In the case of wind turbines, they are with us because we as a society decided that polluting, unrenewable energy sources clearly needed cleaning up and replacing with more sustainable alternatives (or so we were led to believe). In the case of Trump, he is with us because Hillary Clinton was a poor candidate who lost the election by alienating a good half of her core voters, through a mixture of arrogance, sleaze and incompetence.

Now, whatever we may think of the solutions on offer, the problems – the needs still unfulfilled by our previous efforts – are REAL.

Identifying the underlying problems that led to the introduction of whatever we are triggered by is essential in understanding why these so-called “solutions” have been offered to, or possibly imposed on us.

Remove the problems at source, or find a superior way of handling them, and you’re well on your way to changing the world.

You could almost boil down TDS (in all its forms – maybe even Turnip Derangement Syndrome!) into one sentence: the fear that what is touted as the solution to our problems may in fact do more harm than good.

That’s why you don’t like Trump and I don’t like Turbines. These twin icons of Millennial Life have both been promoted as the antidote to problems of dirtiness of some sort, whether it be Mr Trump’s pledge to “drain the swamp”, or the “clean, green energy” of wind turbines.

TDS sufferers of both types are basically frantic with worry that these promises may be empty at best; downright toxic at worst.

Now hopefully you have a deeper understanding of exactly why you react the way you do to Donald Trump: based on remembered responses, your amygdala perceives him as a threat to your survival in some way. You realise that this threat is only in your life right now because enough people believed in him as the solution to at least some of society’s problems, but you are terrified that instead of offering genuine solutions, he only promises to do more harm than good.

So exactly what, may I ask, is your specific fear about Trump? What worries you most about his impact on your well-being? What do you cherish that he threatens to damage?

With regard to my own TDS, the answers are simple: I’m terrified of the industrialisation, corporatisation and degradation of the Pennine uplands that energise us all. I cherish the Green Belts, the Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty and National Parks that keep this country a largely green and pleasant land. Wind turbines directly violate that Green idyll, all the more so by pretending to be “Green” themselves, when in reality they devour truly Green landscapes for breakfast, lunch and tea. I pointed this out to Sajid Javid and various other ministers, and they seemed to agree. A few months later and the threat of any further wind blight has subsided (for now).

The root problem that caused the “false solution” of wind power is – in reality, when all the BS is scraped away – our need for only a tiny amount of additional electricity; barely reaching a few GW at any given moment over the course of last week, right now only 1.08GW (

I am thus able to change the world by proving that this small amount of energy would be better generated by other means, and persuading those who make the decisions that following my guidance is in everyone’s best interests. You can do the same, there’s nothing stopping you!

Assiduous research, fieldwork and above all engaging in constructive dialectic with those holding differing opinions are all essential. Doing everything through the system, then pointing out with real evidence how the system is failing and what needs fixing. I’m now at the point where I believe maths are my best weapon against wind blight, so silly names are largely superfluous if the stats tell their own story. But it does take time and effort to get to this point and stay there (after all, things change continually, and sometimes just one new variable can transform your entire worldview). You need to be dedicated, focused and flexible enough to be able to modify your case at any time.

I like that word “case”. Think of your individual case as a briefcase. The overall shape and size of the case may stay the same (or indeed you may throw the whole thing in the bin if it starts leaking!), but the documentation and paperwork it contains are updated all the time! Letters are sent and received. Forms are submitted and reports returned. Laws evolve. Research constantly supplies new data. Ultimately, a successful case is one which is tightly packed with relevant facts, figures and evidence.

Finally, play the ball, not the man. In all my millions of anti-turbine rantings, I’ve not personally insulted a single individual, other than to eviscerate their comments or actions that specifically relate to the support for inappropriate wind blight (such as the “freaks” and “weirdos” who like wind turbines, but that’s the only thing about them I’m insulting). I certainly don’t care about their personal lives, and neither should you. Concentrate on your own!

The net result of all this? Well, as a consequence of the research and fieldwork passed onto the government by myself and my friends, although no new law was introduced specifically banning wind farms, a few little tweaks here and there have between them made it virtually impossible to build a new wind farm onshore in England right now!

It’s worth remembering that when I was first triggered by wind turbines, less than four years ago, there seemed to be no end in sight to the continuing onslaught of the wind developers. Now they’re going bust left, right and centre!

So, TDS Victims, this is your homework for today. What is it about Trump that you are most afraid of? What is it that you hold dear that he seems to threaten most? How real is the threat? How sure are you that Trump is the real source of the threat? What practical steps can you take to protect yourself from that threat?

(Clue: identify the root problems that led to Trump’s election, and come up with some solutions that you think could lead to a different outcome in 2020!)

And finally, if you’re feeling really up for some Advanced Critical Thinking, try running an OBJECTIVE SWOT Analysis on Trump’s time in office. You’ll feel better for it!

What have been the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats of the Trump Presidency so far?

I don’t expect the above to transform anyone’s opinion of Trump, and that’s not my aim anyway, as you’re all adults, and you can all make up your own minds. All I want is for you TDS sufferers to analyse your own amygdala hijacks, and to help you move your thinking on from pure fear and hatred to a place of higher understanding, positivity, and practical solutions.






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