The Hendy Plot Thickens: Exposing Welsh Labour’s Crimes Against Nature


Let’s start with a picture of Lesley Griffiths AM, so everyone knows exactly who is personally to blame for the unbelievable corruption and environmental desecration I am about to expose. Well, it’s already been exposed all across Wales – my job is to help shine additional light on the wrongdoing and to explain just how antisocial, if not criminal, have been the recent actions of Lesley Griffiths and her horrible band of eco-vandals.

Everyone involved should hang their heads in shame, bearing in mind the torture are they inflicting on us sentient human beings.

In order to truly understand the torture and environmental destruction caused by wind scammers like Lesley, you have to realise that everyone involved has a mental dysfunction – sociopathy – that blinds them to the reality of what they’re doing and the impact it has on other people. I still can’t believe how many people there are in this world who casually inflict brutality without even realising they are doing it – I’ve touched on this topic many, many times.

To us sentient beings, we KNOW when we’re being brutal. I know I’m rhetorically firing six rounds of lead into what passes for Lesley Griffith’s brains, with the aim of shooting down her appalling decision until it is stone dead. Anyone with an IQ in double-figures will understand I’m talking metaphorically, and specifically about her WORDS, IDEAS and ACTIONS as a politician, not her physical body, nor anything to do with her personal life. In other words, my rhetorical brutalism towards Lesley is locked onto the very, very specific target of stopping the Hendy Wind Farm abomination. I would be mortified if anyone innocent was caught in the crossfire.

Is the same true for those impose “hell” on the villagers of Mid-Wales for profit? Do they know they are torturing people, several times a day? Do they care? Do they try and minimise the impact of their brutality? Do they heck as like!

Essentially, almost as soon as Lesley Griffiths steamrollered over objections from the local community and even the planners to approve Hendy Wind Farm, the Weapons of Moss Destruction started bulldozing their way onto the hills, BEFORE various conditions pertaining to the construction work had been agreed. Powys Council has now opened an enforcement investigation, in the meantime calling an immediate halt to all construction work. Bravo!

Let’s look at Lesley Griffiths’ letter, explaining her reasons for backing the successful appeal by the wind farm developers against the Planning Inspector’s original decision:

Quite clearly and unambiguously, Lesley Griffiths’ letter states: “The public benefit of taking action to reduce carbon emissions, or to adapt to the impact of climate change, should be weighed against any harm to the significance of historical assets.”

Vote Labour and this is what you’ll get. Maybe they’re right, maybe they’re wrong – you decide. But let’s call out Labour’s policy towards wind power for what it is: the prioritisation of electricity generation over the conservation of our national assets. Taken to extremes, this policy would see no more countryside, parks or undeveloped spaces. EVERYWHERE would be fair game for power generation, because electricity trumps nature – that’s Labour policy.

OK, let’s assume for a moment that I go along with this policy. What guarantees are there that the authorised wind farm will help reduce CO2 emissions? How is this measured? How can the public monitor the performance of the wind farm?

From the moment the trucks moved in, the wind farm has thus far contributed to HIGHER CO2 emissions: its carbon footprint already far greater than had they not began work. Who is keeping tabs of this? Who is counting the lorry journeys? Who is measuring the commute of each of the workers from their home to their workplace, and from there to the wind farm site, and back again? Every meeting that Lesley Griffiths has so far attended, along with the planning inspections – have the carbon footprints of these journeys been factored in yet?

At what date is the wind farm supposed to pay back the CO2 emissions involved in its construction? What penalties are in place should the wind farm fail to achieve what is promised?

And then we come onto finances: how does the wind farm make its money? Where does the money come from, and where does it go?

Is this business model an example of what we can expect from a Labour government – local democracy overturned in the name of climate change (which Jeremy Corbyn doesn’t even believe in, apparently), with predatory, tax-evading corporations making a nice bit of bunce from the government-sanctioned takeover of public space?

Is it just me getting incredible cognitive dissonance here between Labour rhetoric and Labour actions?

Let’s dig a little deeper, shall we? The following isn’t my own detective work; all I did was stumble across Jac O The North’s fantastic website. But it makes fascinating reading, and I’m sure the author won’t mind me sharing this with a wider audience. The company behind Hendy Wind Farm is called Njord Energy, which is actually one of various greenwashing fronts for the London-based U and I Group plc.

The plot thickens: U and I used to be known as Development Securities plc, a company hauled over the coals by HMRC for tax evasion!

Jac’s website concludes: “U and I and/or Development Securities planned three wind farms of a size so that even if the local planning committees voted against them then their bacon could be saved by the Planning Inspectorate or, as a last resort, the ‘Welsh Government’.

“To help them carry through this plan they employed Mark Cummings, useful for his expertise in dealing with devolved administrations. Cummings then needed someone who was a Labour insider, so he recruited Anna McMorrin.

“No doubt, the developers had hoped to get planning permission for all three developments, netting them as much as £20 million. Being more realistic, they were probably prepared to settle for two out of three. But the High Court going against them on Rhoscrowther in September meant they were left with just Bryn Blaen, and so they were only going to make a small profit.

“The High Court couldn’t be challenged over Rhoscrowther so pressure was applied to Lesley Griffiths to overturn the Hendy decision. And she came good.

“Who applied the pressure to Lesley Griffiths? Well, Anna McMorrin fits the identikit picture issued.

“Another reason I suspect Lesley Griffiths hadn’t planned on making the Hendy intervention is because the Energy, Planning and Rural Affairs Secretary couldn’t even come up with a plausible reason for her action.”

Credit to Jac O The North for joining all the dots. I’m just here to help publicise all this. Education, after all, that’s what I’m all about, and my instincts are getting better and better at sniffing out Wind Wrong-Uns, targetting all my rhetorical brutalism in their pathetic, weaselly direction.

Either that, or else literally everyone involved with every wind farm ever is on the make, therefore any given wind farm investigation will have a 100% chance of discovering some kind of corruption.

I certainly feel more assured that Lesley Griffiths has got herself mixed up in some dark shit here. And, once again, this is a two-way discourse, with whistleblowers always welcome. So Lesley, feel free to have your say…






3 thoughts on “The Hendy Plot Thickens: Exposing Welsh Labour’s Crimes Against Nature”

  1. Dear Adam, always cheered by your turn of phrase! You might be interested to know that the developers no doubt racing to get profit figures into co. accounts, or some similar imperative which entirely trumps planning and environmental law, have begun works on the Hendy Wind Farm even though:
    1. no conditions are discharged, including condition that requires developer to obtain permission for grid connection and Inspectorate permissions for works on Llandegley Rhos Common BEFORE starting work;
    2. they have submitted as plans attached to application to discharge a condition an entirely new plan for the site entrance, which going beyond the development boundary for original application needs a new application for planning permission;
    3. no plans submitted but they have started building a site access land on greenfield land outside the site boundary – another new application required, and in fact at this point previous permission is becoming a little irrelevant since bears little relation to what they are doing.
    4. Protestors have set up rota for attendance on site to check on activity. Developers have produced security men and dogs, seemingly passing themselves off as police, and, though I haven’t got to the bottom of this story, an objector who is also a local grazier seems to have been arrested and detained.
    5. 13 Assembly Members voted for an amendment to require the government to reconsider Lesley Griffiths’ decision last Tuesday. The Assembly Member for Radnorshire voted against the amendment though residents pleaded with her to at the very least make her constituents’ views known.
    Powys were obliged by strength of public protest to stop works yesterday.
    Contact me if you would like photos etc.
    All the best

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  2. Its worse than that these wind turbines produce little useful power, thats why they need huge subsidies, each and every one needs a generator, either coal or gas, running 24/7 as back up, these things take half a day to spin up or slow down so are left spinning uselessly when the wind blows so if you subtract what could have been generated with that wasted fuel from the output of the turbines I doubt you would get anything more than zero!

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