If Common Decency & The Rule Of Law Won’t Stop The Hendy Scammers, Would A Hail Of Bullets?


This is another ethical “why is it wrong to eat babies?” think-piece, just in case anyone needs clarification. If you’ve not heard of the eating babies question, it’s basically an example of the abstract philosophical proposition, in which we use a deliberately extreme and outrageous example to evaluate whether certain axioms still hold true under ALL circumstances.

After all, one of the chief roles of philosophy is to help us understand the logic of morality, and looking under the bonnet of morality involves getting our hands dirty, being prepared to confront all forms of crime and punishment, sometimes in squeamish detail.

So today’s entry is filed under Philosophical Discussion, and it’s a closer look at the ethical pros and cons of using guns to prevent the Hendy wind scammers from damaging the planet.

Whenever it comes to a philosophical discussion on guns, the intellectual framework of Hegelian Dialectic is especially evident: the debate is a particularly polarised dichotomy between thesis and antithesis, with not a lot of room for people to formulate their own middle-way syntheses.

The US and the UK between them provide us both the necessary legal and ethical thesis and antithesis of the great firearms dialectic, and as such the default reactions of my US and UK readers may well reflect these two opposing positions.

In other words, more Americans than not will look at the title above and think, “Of course, it’s a no-brainer. If someone is breaking the law, and shooting them would stop them, then why on earth wouldn’t you?” That’s the basic thesis of American gun law. You’re allowed to carry a firearm and use it to defend yourself or others from criminal acts.

UK readers, on the other hand, might instead recoil at the initial neurolinguistic impact of the word “gun” (one could even say it’s a “loaded” term, ahem). The American thesis that a gun is a vital defensive weapon is the antithesis to mainstream UK social attitudes, and indeed the law of the land.

The difference between thesis and antithesis when it comes to gun ownership is so great, that as a Truth Seeker, I realise that it’s essential to formulate my own synthesis, clearly starting with UK law and cultural norms, as that’s where I live, but also taking into account the US antithesis to these norms, and understanding that there IS another side to the story: gun ownership gives us each a degree of strength and power that is severely lacking in those cultures like the UK where guns are generally banned. Gun ownership makes it easier for us to stand up to political oppression. Gun ownership is an equaliser – a disabled person can take out the best athlete in the world with just one bullet.

So there are plenty of arguments in favour of gun ownership, and conversely there are severe risks to the population if it is not able to defend itself with guns. Unfortunately, wind farms prove the point: an armed population would be much more able to defend its cherished landscapes from wind scammers.

Now clearly UK law does not allow personal gun ownership, unless specific conditions are adhered to, and even then shooting a human dead would generally be classed as murder. Where it becomes an interesting ethical and legal dilemma for me, and what I’d like to discuss philosophically in this blog, is the following question:

If the Hendy wind scammers are already engaging in unlawful construction works, would it still be illegal to shoot them, in order to prevent any further law-breaking?

In addition to the legal dilemma, there are also some fascinating ethical questions to be asked:

  • If the law is toothless in preventing the Hendy scammers from damaging the Earth, would the risk of getting shot act as sufficient deterrent to scare the developers away from the site?
  • At what point would shooting the Hendy scammers become the most ethical course of action?
  • Would the ethics of shooting the Hendy wind scammers dead be worse than simply shooting them in a limb in order to physically incapacitate them?
  • Is the morality of aiming bullets at the Hendy wind scammers worse than aiming bullets at their machinery in order to place it beyond use?
  • Are there certain individuals who it would be more or less ethical to shoot than others? (Some might argue that it’d ethically wrong to shoot a young work experience lad, arguing instead that the site foreman is the rightful target).

In order to answer these questions, we need a shared moral code which provides guidance and reasoning in determining the most ethical course of action in any situation.

I have described the Hendy wind scammers as acting in breach of our shared ethical code (which officially derives, in our Judeo-Christian society, from the teachings of the New Testament). I have previously mentioned before the ethical guidance I personally take from Jesus in relation to the inappropriate industrialisation of our invaluable upland landscapes: “Take these things away! Stop making my Father’s house a place of business!” (John 2:16). Although Jesus didn’t use a gun to help him shoo the market traders out of the churches, he certainly didn’t have a problem kicking over their tables and physically vandalising their unwanted commercial junk, ie using superior force to damage and overpower the invaders.

I think it’s fair to say that murder is murder, and actually killing the Hendy scammers would undoubtedly be both morally and legally wrong. Using guns to immobilise them and enforce their removal from the site, however, is not so obviously unethical.

Clearly the Hendy wind scammers are not only in breach of the law, but also the basic standards of morality set out in the New Testament. Surely, under these circumstances, where we have actual evidence of sociopathic predators acting illegally and immorally… well, according to the American way, shouldn’t we be allowed to shoot them?

It just seems somewhat arbitary, unfair, logically inconsistent and ethically out of step with the teachings of Jesus, that on this side of the Atlantic citizens are denied the right to forcibly remove unwanted market traders from our places of strong connection to the Creator of the Earth. You don’t even need to believe in God to understand the logic that our unspoilt uplands provide some of our closest connections to nature, and those who would spoil these places for profit are a predatory threat that needs removing.

The most ethical course of action must surely be to get rid of the Hendy predators and their unwanted industrial trash. If there is anyone in Britain who has the authority to lawfully use guns to enforce their retreat, I do implore them to step up and act on behalf of us who are itching to do the right thing morally, but at this moment are prevented from legally doing so.



Pollution, Corruption & Lawbreaking @ Hendy – Just Another Day In The Life Of A Typical Wind Farm


The Hendy case is a microcosm of everything this blog has been saying all along, the perfect case study allowing us to examine in depth this blog’s thesis that wind farms are the most environmentally destructive “innovation” the author has ever come across in his entire life.

All the allegations this blog has ever made against wind scammers – that they are literally mentally ill; and that the brutal, twisted blades of the wind turbines they force upon communities, against their will and without their consent, are the outward manifestation of their sociopathy – can be tested against the evidence coming from Hendy.

All the claims I’ve ever made that “a fish rots from the head down”, ie wind turbines screw up the source of our water supply and devastate our peaceful upland landscapes, can be assessed against the photographic evidence.

But surely the biggest proof that indicates the veracity of the claims I’ve been making all along about wind scammers is this: CPRW ARE TAKING THE HENDY WIND FARM DEVELOPERS TO COURT!

OK, they’ve not been found guilty in a court of law just yet, but already evidence has been amassed of illegal work being carried out. If they don’t cease and desist polluting the source of the River Edw, which flows into the Wye, they should end up behind bars!

And let’s not forget, all this illegal ecological destruction has been enabled by a handful of corrupt Welsh Labour members, in collusion with the aristocracy, gaming the system for profit. Quite literally, Hendy Wind Farm is for “the few, not the many”. It’s a textbook example of everything wrong with politics: politicians proactively causing needless change for the worse, harming the environment and hurting communities, entirely for their own personal gain, under the false pretence of the most patronisingly faux-“Green” rhetoric imaginable.

Yuk, yuk, yuk! Is there anything more EVIL?

Vote Labour (in Wales, certainly), watch the natural Earth get destroyed.

So, now for some some facts: let’s start with the official notice of intent to take the scammers to court:

“As you are all well aware… CPRW B&R served papers on 6 December on Welsh Government and Interested Parties for a Section 288 Review of the Minister, Lesley Griffiths’, incomprehensible decision to allow the Hendy Wind Farm development.

“As you are also well aware this challenge is being overtaken by events.

“The construction work at Hendy/Llandegley Rhos began on 20th November immediately after submission of applications to discharge conditions, and continues at breakneck speed, at nights and at weekends, with no regard for permitted hours of work. The developers are evidently determined to erect one turbine before the end of January in order, it seems, to be eligible for government subsidy.

“Works have taken place on the Llandegley Rhos common and more are proposed for which no planning consent has been applied for or obtained. Construction teams have been pile driving on the wind farm site and concrete is now arriving on site for the first turbine base.

“This work is being carried out without any of the pre-commencement planning conditions being discharged. These conditions are all binding and the Minister’s consent is contingent upon the conditions being satisfied in full and discharged.

“While heroic demonstrators at the site have done their best to delay these works on common land, we have made repeated representations to Powys County Council to enforce a halt to these illegal works without any tangible result. On 6th December Powys informed residents that the developer had been ‘advised to stop’ but that no enforcement notice had been issued. Since then the council have professed themselves unable to get ‘evidence of unacceptable harm’ – which Planning Officers maintain to be a requirement for enforcement action.

“We have set out that the Council has applied the wrong tests re enforcement action and has misinterpreted material points of law to reach their decision not to enforce against construction works, which are of themselves unlawful because they have not followed approved plans, and are being undertaken without discharge of pre-commencement conditions.

“We have this morning served on the Council a pre-action protocol letter, addressing the legalities of the Council’s position on enforcement. In it we demand that effective enforcement action is undertaken by the end of this week or that we will forthwith issue proceedings against them for a judicial review of the enforcement function.

“It seems that the developers, Powys County Council and the Welsh Government consider they have no need to heed or uphold the law. With your help we are going to make them feel the full force of it.

“Jonathan Colchester – Chair B&R CPRW”

CPRW’s Official Press Release


Here’s Powys CC with their latest update, dated Friday 14th December 2018:

“Following dialog with Natural Resources Wales and the Developer (telephone conference call), regarding the Planning Departments recommendation to NRW that a temporary stop notice is served on the development, the developer has agreed to only undertake steel fixing works on site. Natural Resources Wales have upon challenge on the acceptability of the developer’s proposal, by the Planning Department, confirmed that provided only steel fixing works take place on site, the risk posed by the development works is acceptable. As a result of this confirmation from NRW, the Planning Department has confirmed that in line with NRW’s direction, if any works other than steel fixing takes place on site, a temporary stop notice will be served.

“In light of the above, the site will now be monitored daily by the Planning Department (including this weekend) to ensure that only steel fixing works take place.”

“In addition to the above, the Planning Department confirmed to the developer that steel fixing works on the weekend needs to comply with condition 18 and that Planning Officers will be visiting the site this weekend to ensure compliance.

“We will look to keep you updated on matters and progress made in securing evidence from consultees and other relevant parties.”

Meanwhile, here’s some evidence of the eco-destruction already carried out. You can see already the “fresh as a mountain stream” source of the River Edw is being polluted by these prize C-U-Next-Tuesdays.


Jac o’ the North will fill you in on the financial details of the Hendy Wind Scam; please, please do check his website and learn the entirety of the wheelings and dealings behind Hendy. I find it grimly amusing that the landowner’s name is one Sir Robert John Green-Price. That’s up there with Crook Hill and Scammonden for an appropriate name.

Unfortunately, the Green Price at Hendy is being paid by each and every one of us.






Sociopathy In Wales: Lesley Griffiths & Her Insane Eco-Vandal Mates

I’ve referred to the psychological term “sociopathy” in my previous entry because this blog is all about the connection between wind turbines and mental health. From what I’ve seen at Llandegley Rocks, site of the proposed Hendy Wind Farm, the lunatics think they’ve taken over the asylum.

Please understand I take mental health very, very seriously – both my own and that of other people. My blog is based on the hypothesis that wind turbines adversely affect my mental health and well-being; however from what I’ve seen at Hendy, it is apparent that mine is the normal, default human reaction to scenes of catastrophic, gratuitous eco-destruction. The mentally ill ones are those hellbent on doing the eco-destruction.

Everyone you see in the above photos is, quite literally, INSANE. In the world I choose to I live, the planet I was educated by my parents and teachers to love, to cherish, to respect and to conserve for future generations, the actions of everyone you see above wearing a hi-vis jacket are socially unacceptable and deserve punishment. These people, as you can see for yourself, are clearly and eminently a critical threat to the environment of rural Wales.

So what is insanity and why are these people insane? What is bad mental health? When does it become an issue?

There are two key elements to good, well-adjusted behaviour – pragmatism and morality. Any actions that are neither pragmatic nor moral can be said to be irrational, transgressing both logic and ethics.

As someone driven out of my mind by wind blight, I still maintain enough of a grip on sanity to take into account both the pragmatism and morality of my actions. And that’s why I maintain that the developers at Hendy are literally insane: because, mark my words, NO LIVING BEING WILL BENEFIT FROM THE HENDY WIND FARM. People will only suffer as a result of Hendy, and therefore the entire scheme is neither pragmatic nor ethical.

Ergo, it’s INSANE.

Furthermore, we can see for ourselves that the contractors actively WANT to bulldoze the fields. They can’t wait to get stuck in! They literally enjoy the process of scraping off soil and turf, and turning a vibrant natural ecosystem into a mudbath… FOR FUN! Not for pragmatic or moral reasons, nor reluctantly and with heavy heart – far from it, they’re doing it quite simply because they enjoy it.

What about money? Isn’t that a pragmatic reason? Not in the long run – not if you get busted breaking the law, or the law changes to outlaw what you’re doing, or the general public take one look at your shitty little construction company and place a terrifying curse of DEATH, PAIN & BANKRUPTCY upon the Directors!

It’s not an ethical business model, certainly not Green, if the only way you can make a living is by pushing the boundaries of the law to the limit, breaching planning permission and vexing people to the point where they vow to smash your industry. Natural law dictates this is not a sustainable means of income. Hence to be part of it is to be INSANE.

And yes, laws are being broken, right here, right now, by the contractors working on Hendy Wind Farm before full planning permission has been granted.

According to Powys CC: “A site visit was undertaken by Development Management on 30th November 2018. It is clear from the site visit and the numerous photographs submitted to Development Management that the development has commenced. The development is therefore in breach of prior to commencement conditions attached to the Ministers decision notice. The developer has been informed of the above and has been advised to stop works and that any further works are at their own risk.

“In considering the expediency of pursuing further enforcement action, I would advise that it is considered that there is insufficient evidence at the present time to evidence that the works being undertaken are resulting in unacceptable harm. In light of this Officers are not currently proposing to issue any notices on the developer. This matter however is the subject to continual review. I can confirm that Officers are actively pursuing evidence to inform the ongoing enforcement investigation.”

These dangerous predators need incapacitating fast, Powys CC. Their physical bodies need to be forcibly kept distant from the Welsh countryside, and their construction machinery needs putting beyond use, for good. 

In my previous entry I was very clear that my criticisms of Lesley Griffiths were merely intellectual and political, and that’s true. But these foot soldiers, these construction workers are now causing actual physical change to the environment, AGAINST THE LAW. It is them, not those who would restrain them, who are the criminals, should this situation escalate into an actual physical confrontation. This blog is hopeful that the law of the land will be sufficient protection, without the need for additional community enforcement action.

Unsurprisingly, the situation is escalating rapidly, as any sane person could have predicted. Only someone mentally ill would have thought they could get away with this: Hendy Wind Farm and all the psychos involved are being taken to the High Court!

As Jonty Colchester of Brecon and Radnor CPRW remarked: “This incomprehensible decision by Lesley Griffiths ignores all our local County Council representations and the basic tenets of Planning Policy Wales. There is really no point in having a planning framework if it can simply be ignored. We are not against wind energy: Powys generates a great deal of it from strategic search areas designated for the purpose. This decision rides roughshod over the countryside and we will fight to the last to reverse it. As always we will have to turn to our supporters to fund the appeal and a national CPRW campaign is being mounted. CPRW recognises that if this development is allowed to proceed, a disastrous precedent will be set to allow wind-farms anywhere in Wales”.

How You Can Help: