Pollution, Corruption & Lawbreaking @ Hendy – Just Another Day In The Life Of A Typical Wind Farm


The Hendy case is a microcosm of everything this blog has been saying all along, the perfect case study allowing us to examine in depth this blog’s thesis that wind farms are the most environmentally destructive “innovation” the author has ever come across in his entire life.

All the allegations this blog has ever made against wind scammers – that they are literally mentally ill; and that the brutal, twisted blades of the wind turbines they force upon communities, against their will and without their consent, are the outward manifestation of their sociopathy – can be tested against the evidence coming from Hendy.

All the claims I’ve ever made that “a fish rots from the head down”, ie wind turbines screw up the source of our water supply and devastate our peaceful upland landscapes, can be assessed against the photographic evidence.

But surely the biggest proof that indicates the veracity of the claims I’ve been making all along about wind scammers is this: CPRW ARE TAKING THE HENDY WIND FARM DEVELOPERS TO COURT!

OK, they’ve not been found guilty in a court of law just yet, but already evidence has been amassed of illegal work being carried out. If they don’t cease and desist polluting the source of the River Edw, which flows into the Wye, they should end up behind bars!

And let’s not forget, all this illegal ecological destruction has been enabled by a handful of corrupt Welsh Labour members, in collusion with the aristocracy, gaming the system for profit. Quite literally, Hendy Wind Farm is for “the few, not the many”. It’s a textbook example of everything wrong with politics: politicians proactively causing needless change for the worse, harming the environment and hurting communities, entirely for their own personal gain, under the false pretence of the most patronisingly faux-“Green” rhetoric imaginable.

Yuk, yuk, yuk! Is there anything more EVIL?

Vote Labour (in Wales, certainly), watch the natural Earth get destroyed.

So, now for some some facts: let’s start with the official notice of intent to take the scammers to court:

“As you are all well aware… CPRW B&R served papers on 6 December on Welsh Government and Interested Parties for a Section 288 Review of the Minister, Lesley Griffiths’, incomprehensible decision to allow the Hendy Wind Farm development.

“As you are also well aware this challenge is being overtaken by events.

“The construction work at Hendy/Llandegley Rhos began on 20th November immediately after submission of applications to discharge conditions, and continues at breakneck speed, at nights and at weekends, with no regard for permitted hours of work. The developers are evidently determined to erect one turbine before the end of January in order, it seems, to be eligible for government subsidy.

“Works have taken place on the Llandegley Rhos common and more are proposed for which no planning consent has been applied for or obtained. Construction teams have been pile driving on the wind farm site and concrete is now arriving on site for the first turbine base.

“This work is being carried out without any of the pre-commencement planning conditions being discharged. These conditions are all binding and the Minister’s consent is contingent upon the conditions being satisfied in full and discharged.

“While heroic demonstrators at the site have done their best to delay these works on common land, we have made repeated representations to Powys County Council to enforce a halt to these illegal works without any tangible result. On 6th December Powys informed residents that the developer had been ‘advised to stop’ but that no enforcement notice had been issued. Since then the council have professed themselves unable to get ‘evidence of unacceptable harm’ – which Planning Officers maintain to be a requirement for enforcement action.

“We have set out that the Council has applied the wrong tests re enforcement action and has misinterpreted material points of law to reach their decision not to enforce against construction works, which are of themselves unlawful because they have not followed approved plans, and are being undertaken without discharge of pre-commencement conditions.

“We have this morning served on the Council a pre-action protocol letter, addressing the legalities of the Council’s position on enforcement. In it we demand that effective enforcement action is undertaken by the end of this week or that we will forthwith issue proceedings against them for a judicial review of the enforcement function.

“It seems that the developers, Powys County Council and the Welsh Government consider they have no need to heed or uphold the law. With your help we are going to make them feel the full force of it.

“Jonathan Colchester – Chair B&R CPRW”

CPRW’s Official Press Release


Here’s Powys CC with their latest update, dated Friday 14th December 2018:

“Following dialog with Natural Resources Wales and the Developer (telephone conference call), regarding the Planning Departments recommendation to NRW that a temporary stop notice is served on the development, the developer has agreed to only undertake steel fixing works on site. Natural Resources Wales have upon challenge on the acceptability of the developer’s proposal, by the Planning Department, confirmed that provided only steel fixing works take place on site, the risk posed by the development works is acceptable. As a result of this confirmation from NRW, the Planning Department has confirmed that in line with NRW’s direction, if any works other than steel fixing takes place on site, a temporary stop notice will be served.

“In light of the above, the site will now be monitored daily by the Planning Department (including this weekend) to ensure that only steel fixing works take place.”

“In addition to the above, the Planning Department confirmed to the developer that steel fixing works on the weekend needs to comply with condition 18 and that Planning Officers will be visiting the site this weekend to ensure compliance.

“We will look to keep you updated on matters and progress made in securing evidence from consultees and other relevant parties.”

Meanwhile, here’s some evidence of the eco-destruction already carried out. You can see already the “fresh as a mountain stream” source of the River Edw is being polluted by these prize C-U-Next-Tuesdays.


Jac o’ the North will fill you in on the financial details of the Hendy Wind Scam; please, please do check his website and learn the entirety of the wheelings and dealings behind Hendy. I find it grimly amusing that the landowner’s name is one Sir Robert John Green-Price. That’s up there with Crook Hill and Scammonden for an appropriate name.

Unfortunately, the Green Price at Hendy is being paid by each and every one of us.






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