How Blogs Like This Are Directly Killing Off The Wind Scam


First up, see for yourself the type of “Green” thugs working at the Hendy Wind Farm site, the type of lowlifes who think they can get away with hurling innocent members of the public into the mud without making themselves viable targets for the sword of justice.

Never mind for now whether this will be legally classed as assault or not, it’s still very bad optics, wholly unprofessional and socially unacceptable for the constructors to treat respectable members of the community in this way… and on Open Access Common Land, to boot.

Oh by the way, when I say “socially unacceptable”, I mean it literally: we as a society DO NOT accept this behaviour, as we have made clear through the ballot box. As a citizen of said society I have personally reported the Hendy scammers to the police, requesting that they press charges as a matter of urgency.

Months ago I told my local police force that wind scammers are brutal sociopaths, who are a real and present danger to the well-being of the general public. Maybe now they believe me.

(In fact, they believed me then… they just weren’t able to act on it at that time.)

The simple fact is that we as a society do NOT give permission for our Open Access Common Land to be handed over to lorry drivers, bulldozer operators and security officers. This is not their domain, it never was and it never, ever, will be. The scammers have seized it temporarily by gaming the system, but everything about these people is twisted, artificial, unnatural and not for real. Look at the bleeding picture, for crying out loud. That could be your parents, your aunt or uncle, your brother or sister being manhandled by these pikeys. What would you do if someone pushed one of your loved ones onto the ground like that?



Le’ts put this to the test, particularly should any police officers be reading. Who out there believes the values of British society are better represented by the multi-chinned ape on the left? And who out there believes the values of British society are better represented by the bearded gentleman on the right?

I’ll let you decide who better reflects the civilised society you’d like to live in.

We’ll come back to the brutal scenes at Hendy shortly. But for now, let’s look at the bigger picture.

The truth is, I wish I didn’t even have to write this blog in the first place. Still we are where we are, and as long as the wind scam rumbles on, this blog has a moral duty to counter and balance the Greenwash with an equal and opposing force of resistance.

I’m by no means the only one; far from it, there are several thousands of people all over the world who share the same vision of a turbine-free planet. For us, opposing wind blight is an effervescent meme that grows, evolves, travels and replicates organically and effortlessly. There is a buzz and a spirit behind opposing wind blight. Despite the horrific eco-destruction we are faced with, we as a team are highly motivated and energised by the fight.

More to the point, now we have reached that critical mass and know that in a very short time our ideas WILL end up as government policies all around the world (Poland has set the precedent). There is no alternative. Every year that goes by, our reality of living with wind turbines becomes more and more accepted as the default truth. Even in the four and a half years I’ve been into this topic, I’ve never felt as close to defeating this scam as I do right now.

Hendy has pulled back the curtain and revealed the truth for all to see – the desperate, deranged and undignified scramble for money by a rabble of Britain’s biggest arseholes: a ragtag bunch of fallen upper class tossers who don’t have the life skills to earn an honest day’s pay (“The Few” that Labour pretends to oppose whilst secretly cutting deals with them), propped up by a bunch of get-rich-quick construction spivs and with some seriously dubious fairground types on “security”. There’s the reality of your “Green energy”, right there.


“A viable target for the sword of justice”

When I say blogs like this are directly killing off the wind scam, I’m referring to the wider blogosphere of which MindWind is a small but vocal part. Together with the Big Boys of the anti-wind blogosphere – Stop These Things, Watts Up With That, Mothers Against Wind Turbines, Jason Endfield etc – MindWind is one of a vanguard of strident online anti-wind publications. As a gestalt entity, I believe together we are helping to change the world. Of course, without readers, our words would be like that mythical tree falling without making a noise. And so, lovely readers, it’s YOU who are really driving the changes in public attitudes. We’re just here to help spread the word:-)

I genuinely feel that the anti-wind power movement has gained serious traction over the last few weeks, though you would never know if you got all your news from the BBC. All over Europe, it’s apparent for all to see that the so-called “Green” agenda has lost the support of the public. In Britain people are openly challenging the right of wind developers to carry on torturing the public, and it’s not uncommon nowadays to read blog articles and comments recommending the enforced detonation of unwanted wind turbines and the shooting of wind scammers.

MindWind is simply one small cell within a much larger, multi-celled organism, and that’s why this isn’t remotely about ego, it’s in fact about the nature of political discourse and how it works: a far wider cultural movement in which this blog is merely a small (but noisy!) participant.

I mentioned Poland… it has now become the first country in the world to do exactly what I recommended in my previous entry: to formally ban wind farms and use the force of law to expedite the compulsory removal of ALL wind blight by 2035. This proves again that if my words ever seem extreme, it’s purely a matter of perspective. Words that might appear radical in the UK are formal government policy WITHIN AN EU COUNTRY!

Because I am so filled with confidence that the demise of the wind industry is an imminent certainty, and that these scammers are finally running out of road, I am ever more optimistic in ramping up my aggressive anti-wind rhetoric, firing not just linguistic guns and explosives at these losers, but also now setting the scene for the next step, when someone does to them in the prison showers what they’ve been doing to the countryside all this time. That would be true karma, after all.

So yes, the game is up! Having in my previous entry explained the process via which ideas enter the Overton Window on their way to becoming official government policy, I realise that wind power can now ONLY possibly travel in one direction: the direction of extinction. Support for wind power is essentially dead, lifeless, moribund. There’s no genuine grassroots passion or affection for wind power whatsoever, only disdain and derision.

Whatever people think of my writing style, which I’m sure isn’t for everyone, it’s clear to see that this blog is vibrant, dynamic and choc-full of content! It’s ALIVE 🙂 It gets lots of views daily, and is part of a much wider network of like-minded anti-wind discourse. There’s always something new to talk about! Even name-callers and Wind NPCs tend to get challenged and pulled into the discourse, more often than not walking away from the encounter grateful to have had their flawed thinking corrected!

In a few rare cases, ego might be all that keeps some particularly obtuse people from jettisoning their support for wind power, long after rationality has flown out the window. Let me explain what I mean by ego. Every time I look at Gridwatch to check the power generation stats, my ego wants wind power’s output to be tiny, because that would vindicate my opinion and validate my identity as a self-appointed Wind Warrior! When wind is actually performing quite well, however, it runs the risk of invalidating my arguments, and making my anti-wind stance look ridiculous!

Rather than ignoring those good wind days in order to protect my fragile ego’s belief that wind power is never any use whatsoever, I try my hardest to acknowledge that on these windy days, there are indeed some wind turbines that are obviously doing a decent job (assuming the stats aren’t bogus). What I therefore want from these windy days is MORE info, not less – I’m fascinated to know which specific wind turbines are doing all the hard work, and I’m genuinely prepared to give high-generation wind farms something of a free pass if only they could just prove their worth!

I just want the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. Is that really so difficult to obtain?

I understand perfectly how ego can screw up people’s objective interpretation of the truth (hence why we even have “identity politics”), and just as I have created an identity as a Wind Warrior, there are lots of people who have built their entire identity around actively promoting these schemes. The hardest part for each of us is to acknowledge those times when the truth isn’t directly in alignment with what our ego wants it to be.

I don’t doubt that on some occasions the wind can apparently generate an awful lot of electricity. I simply ask those promoting wind power to acknowledge the flipside – on some days wind power will produce absolutely buggerall, and even at best, wind power desecrates our natural assets. It can’t be that difficult to agree upon these axioms, surely.

So let’s as a society work out what level of power generation is actually required, by how many turbines, what level of environmental damage is unacceptable, and what we should do with any wind turbines that don’t meet the standards we’ve set for them. I just can’t understand why such a simple, rational conversation is so difficult to have – Hendy again being a case in point. It’s not even a conversation anymore, or a diplomatic settlement between different parties.

“No” doesn’t even mean “no” to Lesley Griffiths and the Hendy mob.

These wind scammers have basically degenerated into no better than an organised ring of sexual predators gang-raping defenceless children. They are THAT bad. 

This is a suitable time to remind you of why I occasionally use violent, graphic language to illustrate a point. Like everything in this blog, its impacts are profoundly considered. First and foremost, the purpose of the brutal language is to provide written testimony of the altered psychological state triggered by wind blight: an amygdala hijack arising from a physiological fear stimulus that results in fighting talk. But on a wider level, the uncompromising writing is about creating and passing on memes designed to force the wind scam into the Overton Window of public discourse, rapidly shifting the overall balance of the dialogue in the direction of removing useless wind turbines (ie conventional, normal, everyday political opinion in Poland now).

There are always outliers and early proponents of avant-garde ideas before they become adopted by the mainstream and eventually enshrined in law. I like to think of this blog as like a transmitter that takes my own observations, plus those from the media, other blogs and the general public (especially those affected on the ground); adds some compression and resonance; turns up the volume to eleven; and rebroadcasts this pumped-up version of the anti-wind message all across the world.

This is why, as a proud member of a truly superb team of anti-wind blogs, MindWind is currently in the process of changing the world by bringing once-radical ideas into mainstream discourse, and from mainstream discourse into the corridors of Downing Street. Nothing the wind scammers haven’t already done, of course. We just have to travel in the opposite direction and clear up the mess they’ve left behind.


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