How does this picture affect your mental health? What is your immediate, instinctive reaction to what you see? What are the first words that come into your mind? Write them down. Keep staring… what happens to your thoughts and feelings?

Pictures like this, including the 600+ I took myself to document the construction of Crook Hill Wind Farm, near Rochdale, have had enough impact on my own mental processes to inspire me to create a journal monitoring my encounters with wind turbines, in order to further understand exactly what they do to our minds.

Of all the topics I could have started a blog about, why on earth am I so bothered about wind turbines???

That’s what we’re going to look at – how come, for a machine designed to meet our energy needs, thousands of us around the world are exerting inordinate amounts of our own energy in trying to deal with them? Shouldn’t we be feeling MORE energised by wind turbines, not less???